Just a Note

Your own house concert?

What is a house concert? 

House concerts have a long tradition. Musicians have been giving concerts in homes, living rooms and gardens for generations. A living room concert gives you the unique opportunity to experience a performance in an intimate atmosphere. Your guests will have the opportunity to experience this in your home, perhaps with a snack and break after the concert.

You as a host or hostess?

You open your house for friends, family, colleagues or neighbours to see a performance of approximately 2x 45 minutes with a break in between. This can be done during the day or in the evening.

How many people to invite?

You will be amazed at how many people you can comfortably sit in a living room. By placing the furniture creatively and making use of extra (garden) chairs, even cushions on the floor, you can create space for the audience to sit in concert atmosphere. You can also ask the invitees to bring a seat.

Food and drinks?

Most hosts and hostesses provide coffee and tea, soft drinks, wine and / or beer with a snack. You can also ask your guests to bring something to eat and drink, also known as ‘potluck’. Type the word potluck into your browser and you will be immediately inspired. In order to be able to pay the artists and possibly food and drink, you can ask your guests to make a financial contribution without any problems.

Do you like the idea?

Interested in organizing a house concert? Please contact us for more information and available dates. We can then discuss the details.

Contact:  +32 487 18 19 38 <> notermanjohan@gmail.com

Music: https://soundcloud.com/user-703685410

Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYo51JIE1r1mkhvOJvYq_JQ